How are we able to live in a state of objectivity while constantly subjected to experience?

We call our general perception of life “reality.”  Perception colors experience; sets tone, shade, and contrast.  Is perception the same from moment to moment?  If in one moment I am gloomy and in the next cheerful, identify with a rainy day and then a sunny one, then perception is not finite.  

We need contrast to compare moments and the moods they contain.  An overall assessment of two or more moments can lead to  generalization; I am either this or that, an optimist or a pessimist, a happy person or a sad person.  Attachment to generalization colors perception, which then colors experience;  by labeling oneself, the dye is cast.  Do not set yourself up for worse life experiences.  Instead, let each moment represent something in your perception you’d like to either embrace or let go.  Know thyself, and honor accordingly.  If a mood does not serve the reality you want to create, let it pass.  Perception is infinite.  You define reality.  Experience is the matter, the material stuff that we need to create perception; it provides form and function, while perception adds depth and dimension.  Reality is all these things, and they’re all within you.  You are it.  Go forth and create! 

Consciousness is a continuous strong flow of the eternal propagation of knowledge.

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