A Moment, Amporphic

Three birds

perched in a tree.

Two switch positions,

the triangle remains.

Some days, we seek

a permanent outline.

Did Blake ever stray

from his infinite consciousness?

Hinder its expansion

with the human tendency

to control, contain, define?

“Confine” is the next word, wasn’t

until now.



William Blake, The Tiger





Think in terms of distinction, the hands parted/pressed.  When someone laughed, “Winning isn’t everything,” Joy made a pact with Faith.  We knew then it was true.

Now, somehow, you’ve slipped through, into a succession of days that sweat, maximize results.  Each action futile, an infertile belief.

Here is God’s loom.  Pump the pedal, spinning the spindle; fate coils, unfurls.  Behold the pattern, the warp and woof.  Is this religion, or routine?  Day and its tired ally, Night.  Cyclical glow, the pulsing rhythm of sleep.  Steady your foot.  There was rest, then, too.  Remember?  Join hands.

Where is God in the man-made?

Where is God in the man-made?

Man builds church like flowers reach toward the sun.

Upward movements of devotion, the sky

a canvas for truth.  a small computer chip

holds a vast breadth of information. attachment to meaning

and the breaking-open of meaning = creation, preservation, destruction.

man-made does not last; it teaches us to learn & love beyond.

How are we able to live in a state of objectivity while constantly subjected to experience?

We call our general perception of life “reality.”  Perception colors experience; sets tone, shade, and contrast.  Is perception the same from moment to moment?  If in one moment I am gloomy and in the next cheerful, identify with a rainy day and then a sunny one, then perception is not finite.  

We need contrast to compare moments and the moods they contain.  An overall assessment of two or more moments can lead to  generalization; I am either this or that, an optimist or a pessimist, a happy person or a sad person.  Attachment to generalization colors perception, which then colors experience;  by labeling oneself, the dye is cast.  Do not set yourself up for worse life experiences.  Instead, let each moment represent something in your perception you’d like to either embrace or let go.  Know thyself, and honor accordingly.  If a mood does not serve the reality you want to create, let it pass.  Perception is infinite.  You define reality.  Experience is the matter, the material stuff that we need to create perception; it provides form and function, while perception adds depth and dimension.  Reality is all these things, and they’re all within you.  You are it.  Go forth and create! 

Consciousness is a continuous strong flow of the eternal propagation of knowledge.