Love Letters to the Universe

Love Letters to the Universe


Open wide, oh cavernous mouth! Cave of my subconscious.

The ego rounding my lips dissolves into being, then–boom–

the grand reprieve: I die, and return whole



My eyes have a mouth of their own.

They eat the blackness hugging

each planet, starved for

the impossible distillation

of Time.  This moment, mine, yes,

I name Now.



The world is a

heart shot

through with

God’s arrow


as proof.



But before that,

I was something.

A broad white light.

Prisms were my eyes,

colored the world.  Now,

though nothing is new,

the world goes on.

I’ve met many-a prism-eyed people.

We innovate in our own likeness so much

we do nothing else.


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