April 2015

Life demands complete honesty.  I could argue “complete honesty” as redundant, but I’d be hiding some truth if I did.

It’s been a year since I made this blog, and I only realized today, in my backyard, where it began.  I’ve been working as a waitress, something I’d always wanted to do but never realized the need.  Perhaps wanting is enough, an urgent necessity.

Revelation is covetous.  It happens when you’re alone, with yourself.  Secrets drive me to say, to the girl in the dark, boo.

We want our interactions to channel grace.  Love, like truth, is a wild grain we sew, reap, and trade, pound for pound.  Confession ends where guilt begins. Light ends where darkness begins.  And I dream of circles.



I am now a Hatha Yoga Teacher, and I am so proud.

I’m also immensely grateful.

“ha-tha” means “sun-moon.”

Each of us has an agni, a burning fire within us, at the navel center.  This agni burns out impurities, creating space for new growth and opportunity.  When we balance our sun and moon, masculine and feminine, energy, we merge with our true identity, the Self, a light so bright its inconceivable.




Lila is the divine play of life.  It includes all reality, material and non-material.  Life is a creative dance.  Play!