Moving on

Why do we replay unhappy events in our heads? Are we searching for answers, or meaning? The present can inform the past but that is an exhaustive and often wasted effort.


Yet, still, we persist to create, tell stories, so that we may move, lighter, into the future. You have to drop that weight if you want to move forward. You cannot expect to move forward without letting something go.

Days, weeks, months.


Self-loathing has one direction.

Courage has another.

Curiosity has another.

Are you out of touch with your deepest dreams?  The time to start thinking about this is now.

Success is happiness of spirit.

Spiritual depravity is abound.

To know God’s love is to suffer.

“To be wise is to knit into one divine whole the ever-changing chaos of God’s processes.” -C. Jinarajadasa